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“Retirement”, as our parents and grandparents lived it, is now being redefined and transformed by the Baby Boomers – the largest group in history to reach “retirement age”. It is estimated that in Canada 1,000 people a day now turn 65. As well, with increased life expectancy, retirees may live another 20 to 30 years – their longest phase of life ever!

The New Retirement is considered a period of transition where individuals :

  • decide to stop working or discover new working arrangements;
  • nourish their passions;
  • refocus and rebalance their lifestyle;
  • find ways to stay active and contribute to society;
  • learn, grow and share their knowledge and skills;
  • maintain a sense of accomplishment and belonging;
  • take care of their physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Ways of fully enjoying one’s retirement and addressing its challenges are limitless, however they do require reflection, exploration and planning. Research reveals that a positive attitude at this stage of life coupled with a flexible plan contribute to a successful retirement.

Meet the New Retirement Coaches

Mary Morency
Mary MorencyRetirement Coach
I use my love of learning and zest for life to share insights and help people get excited about learning to flourish at any stage in life, especially retirement.
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Jeannette Lalonde
Jeannette LalondeRetirement Coach
Through my appreciation of beauty in life, my generosity and listening skills I support individuals to create and live a life of fulfillment, happiness and well-being in retirement.
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Based in Montreal, we help mature individuals prepare for a balanced lifestyle, remain positive and flourish during their retirement years. 

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